Happy New Year!  This is such an exciting time of year at Greenspring Montessori School!  The students have come back ready and eager to work, having grown and percolated over the break.  The classrooms are buzzing with energy and focus, and we see consistent breakthroughs in thinking, research, and self-awareness.  2014 has begun!

A big hats off to our students, faculty and volunteers for a wonderful holiday season in 2013!  The season was rich in tradition, as our Elementary and Adolescent Program students performed a lovely Winter Celebration, complete with voices raised in song, percussion, keyboarding, violin, and even a few theatrical skits.  Our Toddler, Children’s House, and Elementary classrooms enjoyed lessons sharing the holiday traditions of different cultures, as well as holiday parties and events.  Our Upper Elementary students produced an engaging Africa Day, sharing their research with the community.  It was a lovely, busy season, and we are ready to be back in our classrooms enjoying the daily work cycle.

I must share sad news, as well.  On Monday morning we came back to a flooded gym and music room.  A water main broke in one of the bathrooms, and the gym floor is ruined.  Workers are currently tearing out our beautiful gym floor, and after ensuring that all moisture is gone will begin the process of rebuilding it.  This is a process that could take several months.  We are hoping to move forward with our basketball season, and Physical Education and Music are being housed in different venues until the work is complete.  Never a dull moment around here!

On a final, more happy note:  thank you all for your generosity! A big thank you to everyone who supported the Upper Elementary Roots and Shoots Club with a donation for the Philippines during our Winter Celebration.  The club raised over $170, and sends a warm and hearty thank you to our community!

We also thank you for helping us raise a total of $38,302 raised toward the Annual Fund – a big step toward our goal of $50,000 this fiscal year.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and exploration-filled 2014!

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Tamara Balis