It’s been a busy summer!  As we approach the new school year, we’re very excited to finally start using our new name – celebrating the unity of our Middle School with all the other great programs offered here at Montessori, our love of the great community in which we’re located, and the energy that grows from every student we have the honor of working with.

With the new name comes a new vision for how we communicate with you.  We hope that you enjoy the new bulletin, which will give you more headings you can click on for more information from our new school blog.

We also hope you enjoy our wonderful new website!  Take a look around  We’re excited about the great opportunity this site will give us to provide you with clear information in a beautiful format. This site could not have happened without Greenspring parent Toby Bray, whose incredible generosity of expertise and time made it not only possible but great.  Thank you so much, Toby – and thanks so much to Claire Bray, Toby’s daughter, who often spent time hanging around the Marketing Office while the website was being developed!

As the coming academic year unfolds, you’ll hear more about new programs (Soccer!  Spanish immersion!), new social media, and new opportunities for parents to get involved with the school.  You’ll also get to reunite with old friends and make new ones among our families, faculty, and staff, here on our beautiful and historic campus – whose legacy we honor with a new commitment to renovation and modernization.

We hope you’re as excited as we are.

One other change to announce: as we become ever-more committed to perfecting our craft as a Montessori faculty through collaboration, observation of other schools, and increased professional development, we’re going to start using more authentic Montessori language to describe our programs.  We’ll be calling teachers, guides – because it’s a truer description of what our faculty do.  Similarly, we’ll be calling the Primary program, Children’s House – a term that dates from Montessori’s original Casa dei Bambini and is used in many Montessori schools in English-speaking areas.  Finally, the Middle School will be called the Adolescent Program.  Please note that, to avoid confusion for prospective families, we’ll continue to call these programs by their old names for folks who aren’t used to them – on our website descriptions of programs, and in places where new prospective parents may find us.

As always, if you have questions, or concerns, or just want to chat about what’s new at the school, give us a call. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon, perhaps on Ice Cream Night, and hearing about what you have been up to this summer!

Tamara Balis
Head of School