Thanks so much to those of you who have supported the Annual Fund this year!  We’ve come such a long way – and while there’s more work ahead of us before the end of June, we’re delighted with our current progress.

Here’s where we are:

We have raised a total of $43,117 toward our goal of $50,000!

  • 42% of Parents have donated! That hasn’t gone up much in the last month – but our number of families has, as so many have joined us for the new semester – so things are proceeding apace!  It’s also almost twice the total percentage of parents who gave last year.
  • 59% of Staff & Faculty have given.
  • 81% of our Board of Trustees has given.

Remember, we really need all our parents to chip in so that we have a competitive chance at being considered for large donations and grants.  Give what you can! It all helps! You can mail a donation, leave it at the front desk, or donate online, at this link.