Ms. Morgan from the Outreach Program at the National Aquarium came to do a presentation for the Kindergartners this week!

The program was called “Slither, Slide, Creep, and Crawl: Ocean Animal Exploration”

The children were able to get an up-close look at several amazing animals and were even able to touch some of them. Our guests included a horseshoe crab, hermit crab, sea urchin, sea star, and whelk (snail). This box of props came alive as the children were able to see how sea animals move, eat, and protect themselves.

Ms. Morgan from the Outreach Program was wonderful, and the children have also now been studying
some of this in our classroom, so this was a very exciting day! They are still talking about it.

We also wrote Ms. Morgan a thank-you note – in the children’s words, which they all signed:

photo 2   IMG_1672

What a great experience for our Kindergartners!