We’re pleased to share our strategic plan with you, at this link.

Within its pages, you’ll read about our Mission and Core Values and our strategy for academic excellence, including faculty professional development.  In addition to these, some goals we’ve recently achieved are in here – including several related to our name change and the redesign of our website and brand to go with it. To members of this community, some of these things are not entirely new – but here, you have them all in one place, uniting our vision for the school.

Some newer things, which we’re still working toward and planning for, are also highlighted in this document.  These include our plans for rebooting our Parent Association, creating a better infrastructure for our growing sports and physical education program, and renovating and expanding our campus.

Because we have big plans, big hopes, and big work ahead, we also are working on fundraising here – both through more concerted Development Efforts orchestrated by staff and through training our Board to be a Fundraising Board.

Please, if you have any questions about this document, contact me – planning the future and defining who we are is a community effort, and we encourage every interested voice to contribute.