IMG_7031Last Tuesday, during our retreat week at The Claggett Center, our students got to participate in team building activities with Upward Enterprises. Upward Enterprises is on the same property as the Bishop Claggett Center, so we didn’t have far to go to get to experience all the great activities!

First up was an icebreaker game and communications activity to get everyone comfortable and talking to each other. We also had a lesson in encouragement when students got to climb an A-frame as individuals and as a team. Next up was a team-building activity on the balance beams followed by a break for lunch.

When we returned to the course, everyone suited up in harnesses and helmets for a little climbing wall fun! Students had the chance to climb the wall and also be apart of the supportive belay teams. As Chase put it so eloquently as we scaled the wall, “I love you belay team!”

The students were so supportive of each other through successes and challenges that arose from these activities. After the climbing wall, students got to fly through the air on three separate zip-lines in the trees!

The day was long (and hard!) but everyone had a great time and got to experience new things. If our day was any indication of the coming school year, there are going to be a lot of great moments of success and picking ourselves (and our classmates!) up after falling down.

We spent the week laying the foundation to build a strong community upon – a foundation that is solid, firm and welcoming.