We very much hope that the last of the winter weather is now over! This unprecedented year has given us good incentive to prepare for the unexpected in the future.  Here’s what we’re doing to address this stormy situation:

For this school year:

  • We have extended the last week of school by TWO days (the last day will now be June 13). This was initially to be only one day, but due to state mandates, we had to be open one more day.  You can see details on the revised Abbreviated 2013-14 School Year Calendar or on the school’s Google calendar.
  • Students had school on April 7, which had been scheduled as a Conference Day.  Instead, we have conference week, scheduling around the edges of our school days. This appears to be working out okay – and we thank our families for their patience with the change!
  • We tried to have school the Monday and Tuesday that were originally set to be the end of Spring Break, which worked, at least, for Tuesday!

For next year and the future:

  • Please know that next year’s Parent Manual will have details on how snow days will be made up.
  • As part of this, we will let you know which dates could be used as make-up days in advance, so that you’ll know there’s potential for school on those days.

We sincerely hope that sunny and mild weather is in the future – but are taking the warning of this year’s winter seriously. We hope that you will find the measures we are taking to be prepared helpful to your family.