On Friday, January 31, Mark Berman (a member of the Executive Committee of our Board of Trustees) and myself presented a plan to expand the Maryland Center for Montessori Studies to the Baltimore County delegates to the state of Maryland.

Delegates Jon S. CardinDana M. Stein, and Dan K. Morhaim have led the way in presenting a bill for the Greenspring Montessori School Community, and we can’t thank them enough for their partnership and the possibilities they have opened to us.

If passed, this bill would grant us $200,000 in matching bond funds to rebuild, enlarge, and make state-of-the-art our beloved Training Center.  This would allow us to serve more students, and serve them better – which, given this year’s record enrollment and trend of students with plans to go out and start their own schools, would be a boost to the local economy. It would also create a great space that would be useful to the entire school community – especially because we would include space and resources for more parent education and outreach programs.

We are very excited about this bill, and will keep the community posted about its progress.