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Important Documents

Annual Reports:

Here, you can read about what goes on in our classrooms.  Please also check out the blog entries linked directly to each level’s program page!

Strategic Plan:


For the 2014-15 School Year:


  • The Toddler Program is getting plenty of exercise, in the gym or on the playground, and learning more about this cold weather and the animals that thrive in cold conditions.
  • The Children’s House Program students are learning how to address others and resolve conflicts with Grace & Courtesy.
  • The Elementary Program students meet with their guides weekly to learn how to independently evaluate their own work.
  • The Adolescent Program is studying how food gets to the people who consume it.



  • The Toddler Program is planning to bring some seasonal projects into their classrooms, such as pumpkin scrubbing, leaf raking, songs and books about autumn, baking with pumpkin, and gourd matching.
  • The Children’s House Program is delighted to report that, in this age group, students are really learning a great deal from their Enrichment lessons in the Spanish language.
  • The Elementary Program wants you to know about work records, the important tool that helps our guides coordinate with students on planning and tracking their projects.
  • The Adolescent Program is starting a company, Bmore Green Spring, for their microeconomy project.  They’ll be selling environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, motivated by their recent study of climate change.

For the 2013-14 School Year: