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We believe that the Montessori Method makes sense because, when we read Montessori’s work, it resonates with what we know of human dignity and potential and especially of the needs and character of the child. We see anecdotal evidence in our classrooms every day – as well as in the headlines, because of the many remarkable and influential people who attended schools like ours – of the effectiveness of the Montessori Method. But ultimately, the research that has been done about the impact of Montessori education is the most reliable and unbiased evidence that what our school does works.

We are happy to share that research with you here. We also frequently post articles on this subject to our social media accounts, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information on the Montessori method. We’ve separated the below into links to research specifically relevant to what we do, articles and research done outside strictly Montessori environments that support Montessori principles, and some links to resources meant to educate people about how (and how well) Montessori works that were put together well by organizations other than our school.

We would be delighted to discuss any of these with you – please feel free to contact our Director of Education if you have questions.


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Research and Articles

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