Every year, our Adolescent students go on two week-long trips accompanied by Adolescent Guides, Christina Heffner and Elliot Dickson. In the fall, they participate in a team-building retreat and in the spring they go on an end-of-year odyssey.

Students recently spent a week camping, climbing, fishing, sailing, cooking, and more at Echo Hill Outdoor School near the Chesapeake Bay. This trip offered new and returning students an opportunity to connect with one another in a deeper way than they might in a classroom. Everyone learned to depend on one another and live in close quarters without devices (can you imagine!).

The Adolescents learned to sail on a skipjack, raising the mainsail, learning the lingo, and enjoying the breeze on the Chester River. They learned the local history of bay communities, the environmental challenges fishermen are now facing, along with so much more.

Outdoor learning is an important element of Montessori education and a major focus at Greenspring Montessori School. The Adolescents’ retreat is a key part of the upcoming year-long study of the natural environment. In alignment with this, our students will be focusing a portion of their time at school to agriculture and ecology. They go for regular hikes in the local forests, conduct field experiments, and learn from naturalists in the area. On campus, they are working to build vegetable gardens and start a community agriculture program.

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