Fall Enrichment Curriculum – Music

Fall Enrichment Curriculum – Music


The year-long Music To-Go project is designed to introduce students to a variety of musical traditions and techniques which (with practice) can be used to spontaneously produce music for themselves and others.  These traditions and techniques will include circle singing, beatboxing, solkattu, Kodaly singing, and the art of declamation. To this end, the class will be divided between 1. introduction to important figures/events/music in each area of study; 2. instruction/open practice in basic technical skills; 3. call and response; and 4. ensemble work.  The musical components of instruction will prioritize scaffolding practical skills, and weave in and out of traditions according to the focus and needs of each class.  

The culminating project for each unit will fit each class’ interests and strengths.  However, projects will fall somewhere within these lines:
Circle Singing: performance of group composition
Declamation: small group recitation of the Ursonate, or Spotify Ads
Kodaly: folk song in unison or a round using hand signs
Solkattu: 1 or 2 part composition
Beatboxing: beatbox choir plus soloist

Upon completion of this project students will be able to:

  1. Name an artist they admire from each tradition studied;
  2. Repeat short pitch/rhythmic sequences within each tradition studied;
  3. Produce a solo melodic/rhythmic loop or pattern within each tradition studied.

Adolescent Community

This Creative Expression cycle will focus on learning and working with the iOS app Loopy.  Loopy allows users to record multiple musical ‘loops’. A ‘loop’ is a repeating musical pattern of any length.  A demo of Loopy in action can be found here.

Adolescents will work in pairs on iPads provided by Greenspring.  Our first couple classes will be devoted to learning how to use the app, and develop strategies for generating and executing increasingly complex loops.  Following this instructive period, adolescents will begin to work toward a final project in which they will collaborate with Kim Zerfas (Greenspring’s Director of Marketing and Communications) to design and record loops to accompany Greenspring informational or promotional videos to be shared across Greenspring’s social media profiles.