This year as we turn our focus to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we have created a number of forums for faculty and staff to engage in discussion and learn from various professional development opportunities. Below, we have outlined more about what we will be covering in these sessions with our team.

Lending Library

Greenspring Montessori School’s library in the Main Building silos houses an array of resources for adults and children. Speak to our librarian, Sherry White, for recommended readings.

The Factuality Game
Natalie Gillard
Equity educator and creator of Factuality
August 2019

During Staff Week, the faculty and staff at Greenspring Montessori School participated in the Factuality Game. Factuality is a facilitated dialogue, crash course, and board game, all in one, that simulates real-life experiences in America. Factuality’s board game delivery creates a comfortable environment for participants to simulate structural inequality in America. Participants discussed and unpacked the structural limitations and advantages that coincide with various intersecting identities. Several staff members commented that this was their most meaningful professional development experience to date.

September 2019
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lunch with Leadership Team
Greenspring Parent DEI Committee

At the beginning of the school year, the leadership team invited an open dialogue with the members of the Greenspring Parent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to brainstorm ways to best fuel the inspiration and learning around DEI for the year.  

Date TBD
Human-Centered Design Workshop
Monica Tanase-Coles
Certified Integral Coach and adjunct faculty at New Ventures West, Greenspring Parent
George Coles
Process Engineer and Project Manager in the REDD Department of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Greenspring Parent

Vision together what we wish for our children’s education as it regards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Identify Greenspring’s “Roses, Buds, and Thorns” and make a plan for areas to improve and grow.This event is open to parents and staff at Greenspring Montessori School.

December 2019

The Fundamentals of Race in Education
Britt Hawthorne
Equity trainer and Montessori educator

This introductory workshop launches educators into anti-racist practices through a historic context. Participants will explore the timeline of race and racism in education as a critical component for understanding racial inequities and structural racism. This interactive workshop is for educators looking to respond to biases with their learners in a developmentally-appropriate way.

December 2019
How to Talk to Your Children About Race
Britt Hawthorne
Equity trainer and Montessori educator

This family and community presentation seeks to dismantle the color-blind assumption and prepare children to work toward justice. This presentation shares concrete ways families can support and affirm their children’s developing racial, ethnic, and other identities, empower their children to celebrate differences, and help them learn to stand up in the face of injustice. This event is open to parents and staff at Greenspring Montessori School.

January 2020
Practical Implementation of Anti-biased practices in the Montessori Classroom
Tiffany Jewell
Anti-racist Montessori educator

Building on the previous workshop with Britt Hawthorne, Tiffany will offer practical anti-biased classroom techniques for Montessori educators.

March 2020
SafeZones Training
Demere Woolway
Director of LGBTQ Life at Johns Hopkins University

Demere will host a workshop on building inclusive learning environments for LGBTQ students, families, and colleagues. We will discuss respectful language, developmentally-appropriate strategies for talking about sexual orientation and gender identity, and approaches to supporting the LGBTQ community.

May 2020
Reflection and Looking Forward

Staff will take this opportunity to reflect on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion learning thus far and identify the next steps in our learning going forward.