Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas

Elementary and Adolescent Writing Guide

A.B. in English from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina

“When it was time to send my first child to preschool, my wife and I found Montessori in our New York City neighborhood. I immediately knew that progressive education was a fit. I felt and still feel on fire about it.”

Jim Thomas is a Writing Guide for our Elementary and Adolescent programs. He leads the students in Writers’ Workshops and literature seminars.

Jim has worked as a children’s book editor for over 20 years and he has a deep appreciation for the influence that books can have on young people. Since his high school days, Jim has loved exploring ways to communicate and teach others. Through his experiences, Jim is able to explore ways to help ignite our Adolescents’ own curiosity about the world around them.

In observing our classrooms and seeing his own children grow from their experiences here, Jim was drawn to be an even bigger part of the Greenspring Montessori School community.