Children’s House

Students visit the library weekly with their class. Each library visit includes a pre-selected, purposeful read-aloud. Some of our story topics are about family and friends, kindness, helping others, fall activities, fall and winter holidays and animals in fall and winter.

Students are introduced to the skills and concepts needed to be successful in the library, such as book check-out, book care, and the parts of the library. Students follow library circulation procedures and select books based on their need and reading level. Library books are circulated for a period of one week. Each class has a scheduled library day and materials need to be returned the following week in order to check-out additional materials.

Topics include:

  • Demonstrate how to properly care for books.
  • Demonstrate correct book selection and circulation procedures.
  • Locate the basic parts of a book
  • Recognize that the title tells the name of the book.
  • Recognize that the author write the word of the book.
  • Recognize that the illustrator creates the art that tells the story in pictures.
  • Actively listen and creatively respond to literature shared in a group setting.
  • Retell a story – Illustrate the events from beginning, middle and end of a story.

CH Literary Circles

Third year students visit the library weekly to listen to a variety of stories and poems. Stories are followed by a group discussion and literary activities to develop an understanding of story elements such as identify the title, author and illustrator, character traits, summarize the details of a setting, major events and problem and solution in the story. Using retelling sticks, we ask about key details in the text and are able to retell stories, while identifying and describing story elements. Students will develop their skills in listening and oral communication, as well as reasoning and critical thinking.