It has been a very busy month of construction at Greenspring Montessori School!

We are finally beginning to see the signs that our extensive project is underway. It is a great feeling for all those involved in planning and preparation for this project over the past two years. We have worked very hard to get to this point and this is a major accomplishment to celebrate!

To recap, our construction team created a temporary access road across the back of the soccer field, installed safety fencing around the Multipurpose building, and began the excavation of the stone water management area behind the Student Activity Center.

Many of the rocks were repurposed for our outdoor environments.

The last task proved to be the most tricky, as we found massive rock slabs that needed to be removed. For three days now, there has been a constant drone of a jack hammer across campus, but they have finally been able to remove most of the rock! This has also been a blessing in disguise, as we have been able to use many of the “scrap” rocks in our outdoor environments and decorative garden beds across campus.

Also, a team did safety walk-throughs in the Multipurpose Building, to assure that the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical are all prepared for demolition in the coming weeks. Workers will be doing the demo from the inside out, so to speak. They will be tearing down cabinets, drywall, and all non-structural elements before moving to the major demolition outside. Keep a look out for the first signs of demolition of the Multipurpose Building! While there will not be any theatricals or wrecking balls, it is still sure to be an interesting sight.

We are looking forward to see what exciting construction news we will have in March! Stay tuned for our latest updates.