As you parents may know, summer is a great opportunity to practice reading and writing skills already gained in order to be well-prepared for the coming academic year. Here are some reminders of fun activities you can do, and may already be doing, this summer to support your child(ren)’s literacy and Spanish Language skills:

Elementary Summer Reading - Greenspring Montessori School

Make time for reading setting aside a time each day for reading, and remember to include “reading time” when planning summer activities.  Try to carve out 15 – 20 mins a day.

Keep different kinds of reading materials at home including newspapers, magazines, and brochures and activity books like word games, puzzles, or the kids’ section of the newspaper.

Read aloud every day to your children — even the older ones, especially struggling readers. Read aloud in different places, and don’t be afraid to use silly voices and act out the story! Tell stories you know by heart or make up a new one and share it with your child…or use audiobooks throughout the day.

Encourage writing by keeping writing materials handy such as pencils, paper, and crayons. Encourage writing letters or postcards to friends and relatives over the summer, to keep a journal, make a summer scrapbook, or to write stories and poems. Ask your child to help you when making shopping lists or copying a recipe.

Gift your child a library card and visit the library regularly, look for summer reading programs and check the library calendar for special events throughout the summer.

Get Spanish-language materials and programs at the library (bilingual books, music CDs or audiobooks in Spanish)

Select books at the right level (i.e. no more than 5 errors on a page of 50 words) Librarians can also help you choose books at the appropriate level for your children.

Elementary Summer Reading - Greenspring Montessori School

Have fun with books that your child finds interesting. Motivate them to read anything at their reading level that interests them; whether it is comics, magazines, graphic novels, recipes, etc.

Below is a link to some of the books that are being considered for Caldecotts/Newburys, etc. If you are looking for hot new titles to read, you can be in the know with these:

Get a magazine subscription like Skipping Stones, Ranger Rick, ChopChop, and Ask are just a few titles of magazines for children that you may like. For Spanish Dual-Language students, there are Highlights High Five Bilingue, National Geographic en Espanol, or some back issues of magazines at

Inserting these activities during the time with your child will strengthen his or her reading comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking and conversation skills.

Happy Reading!