This week, a group of our 5th and 6th grade students are in New York City for the Montessori Model United Nations Conference. They have been working for several months to research real United Nations topics and they will be presenting their speeches to students from other Montessori schools around the world. Watch the video to learn more about their big work.

Montessori Model United Nations is an international group that seeks to empower young leaders through research, cultural studies, critical thinking, and problem-solving. MMUN works directly with the United Nations and implements elements of the Montessori Method to create an enriching experience for students and faculty. Like other Model United Nations programs, the students are given real countries and real topics to research and come up with resolutions. However, MMUN also incorporates many Montessori principles, keeping it in close alignment with our values around Grace and Courtesy, Peace Education, independence, and autonomy. We find that MMUN is a great compliment to our Upper Elementary Montessori curriculum.

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