This summer, parent Toby Bray was almost as likely to be on campus any given day as was any member of the full-time staff.  His help was invaluable not only in consulting on the development of our new website, but in selecting and setting up new computer equipment for student use all over campus.

Toby, whose daughter is about to enter the Adolescent Program (Middle School) here at Greenspring Montessori, is the Principal at Clarity Markets, a company that helps other companies position their businesses for success.  He has a great deal of expertise in helping companies to express WHY potential clients (or in our case, families) should work with them – as well as an encyclopedic practical knowledge of marketing, information technology and web development.

Toby helped us before this summer, too.  During the 2012-13 School year, he was one of several dedicated volunteers from the school community to serve on our Rebranding Committee, which helped select our new name, mission statement, and more.  While he was on campus for Rebranding meetings, whenever any member of the staff asked Toby a question about something we knew he knew about, we found that he could help us with ten more things.  And always, without fail, he followed through on doing so.

We’ve appreciated his sense of humor, too.

Thank you, Toby, for being such an amazing friend to Greenspring Montessori School.