The Adolescents at Greenspring Montessori School are nearing the completion of their insightful six-week study of religion and belief. Students have learned a wealth of information about Catholicism and Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Daoism, Buddhism, Islam, and more, through in-house presentations, research trips to places of worship, a panel discussion with members of our community, Socratic seminars (?), and both fiction and non-fiction books.

The research began with a panel discussion, featuring Spanish Enrichment Guide, Marcela Daley, Jeff Daley, Lower Elementary Guide, JR Devallon, Lower Elementary Guide, Sarah Prunier Law, Upper Elementary Guide, Brad Choate, and Carolyn Choate, where students asked questions about their own personal experiences with faith, religion, and traditions. You can watch the full panel discussion here.

Students traveled to the Baltimore Basilica to study Catholicism, Kadampa Meditation Center to study Buddhism, Beth El Congregation to study Judaism, and Sri Siva Vishnu Temple to learn about Hinduism. Sonia Sabarikanth, parent and trained Montessori Guide, also visited the classroom to talk about her knowledge of Hinduism.

During this time, the Adolescents read the book Life of Pi, a novel that references Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. Students discussed and debated religious concepts in the book and its dramatic conclusion with Humanities Guide, Mr. Jim. They also created lesson plans on religion and belief systems to share with their classmates. Adolescents presented a variety of lessons, from a mock Quaker wedding to a game of Mormon Jeopardy to the reenactment of a Haitian vodou ritual.