In an effort to expand on your child’s Spanish learning experience at home, Sra. Marcela has put together a list of resources for families.

Music and Videos

Music and language go together. Each song has not just sound, but rhythm and melody, it has texts, words, and sense. In Spanish, there is an important phonetic component involved when singing which helps the child becoming familiar with many elements of the language.

Some of my favorite resources for music in Spanish that can be easily found on Youtube or apple music are:


Cantoalegre, is a Colombian producer of music for children. Their music offers a cultural component since they incorporate Latin rhythms in a lot of their songs.



Marlore Anwandter, a Chilean composer, wrote an incredible amount of songs for kids based on what she experienced during her life in Colombia. She wrote about what she saw: Iguanas, donkeys, sugar cane tractors, and more.


CantaJuego o Grupo Encanto

This Spanish pedagogical and musical project uses music and movement to promote the development of imagination and fantasy. They sustain that singing and play with songs, allow children to develop their sense of hearing and discrimination of sounds, at the same time that it helps with coordination and corporal expression.


Toy Cantando

Toy Cantando is a children books and music publisher specialized in didactic and educational material.


123 Andres

Latin Grammy award-winning 123 Andrés describes himself as one of the most exciting new voices on the family music scene. He is based in DC and it is common seeing him performing in the area.




After reviewing some of the apps available in the market for learning languages, I found that most of them are designed for adults. I haven’t use apps for small children but I definitely recommend Duolingo for the older ones to help with learning to read and write.