This trimester, under the guidance of Mr. Jim Thomas, Elementary and Adolescent Writing Guide, the adolescent students are developing independent writing projects. They are engaging in the process of drafting, editing, revision, peer review, and finally, publication!
To kick off this new venture, please enjoy an early publication of an original piece by Nialah ’20.


The revolution will not be televised. 

It won’t consist of Flo from Progressive speaking gibberish in that plain all-white outfit in that all-white room.

It won’t consist of Fox News giving us every reason why Trump should be in office, while MSNBC and CNN give us reasons why he shouldn’t.

Because the revolution will not be televised. 

It won’t give us commercial breaks with Joe Biden saying why he approved this message,

and it won’t tell us why Jeffree Star and Nate broke up.

It won’t show us the red flags going up at mosque, nor will it show Iranian civilians in the streets burning American flags.

It will never show anyone over the age of 35 the true beauty of


Because the revolution will not be televised. 

The revolution will not be televised.

It won’t tell you to switch to Verizon so you can get Disney+ for a whole year, and it won’t constantly bug you to pay $50 a month until you reach $1,000, just so you can say you have some three-eyed iPhone.

It won’t show you five-second YouTube surveys asking which of these brands have you heard of, and it won’t show you before and after pictures of teens who have used Proactive.

Because the revolution will not be televised… 

It will only be Live. 

It will only be Felt.