The Greenspring Fund

Every year at Greenspring we ask for your support. We ask that you volunteer your time and also donate financially. Many of you also give in-kind donations—food, furniture and supplies—to support our school.

We have created “The Greenspring Fund” as a way to capture and celebrate all of the annual giving to the school—time, talent, and treasure. Every gift to the school makes a significant difference in the education we provide and the experience our children have.

Greenspring’s Family of Funds

Our Family of Funds allows you to direct your gift to a school initiative for which you have a particular affinity.

Below is a description of each fund within Greenspring’s Family of Funds. As our staff and faculty look for ways to grow and enrich our children’s experiences, we maintain a list of their wishes. We determine which of these items can and will be paid for in the operating budget, and which will need to be funded through other sources. Items that fall outside the scope of our annual operating budget form our Family of Funds. When giving through our Family of Funds, you may select one or more Fund to channel your gift. Should a fund exceed the need listed, we will direct your gift where it is needed most.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Supporting our theme for the year

We are diving into Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging this year, furthering Dr. Montessori’s work around peace education. Your support will help us pay for the three consultants we are bringing in to speak with our staff, faculty, and parent community on this very important topic.

Need: $8,000

Educational Materials & Initiatives

Broadening our children’s experiences

We are continuously looking to expand our curriculum to best serve our children, keeping lit their flame of curiosity and wonder. Your support will enable us to provide overnight trips for our Upper Elementary children and third graders; expand our science work to include rain catchers, weather stations, and leaf presses for our Outdoor Environments; provide geography and math materials for our growing Lower Elementary community; and provide materials for emergent readers in our Children’s House classrooms.

Need: $10,500

Enrichment Fund

Nurturing creativity through art, music, movement, and language

Our enrichment programs compliment the work the children are doing in our classrooms while providing another outlet for creativity and self expression. Your support would allow us to purchase a color laser printer and 3-D pens for our Art program, wiffle ball sets for our Physical Education program, guest musicians for our music program and books for our Spanish program and Library.

Need: $3,000

Faculty Excellence Fund

Helping our teachers grow

Greenspring faculty are intelligent, loyal, eager, and enthusiastic educators who work every day to help our students reach their full potential.Each year we offer our faculty and staff the opportunity to attend workshops or take courses in an area they feel will help them grow as educators.

Need: $14,000

Outdoor Environment Fund

Creating beautiful outdoor environments and playscapes

Our strong belief in Montessori principles calls on us to follow the child – even outside! As part of our building project we have intentionally designed outdoor learning environments for our children. Your gift will allow us to equip these spaces with tables designed for the outdoors, waterplay tables and materials, and shade structures.

Need: $37,000

Technology Fund

Introducing our new Media Lab!

We acknowledge the role that technology plays in our society and in children’s lives and learning. We also acknowledge its overuse and abuse becoming prevalent among our youth. We have created a media lab and technology enrichment classes guided by an intentional curriculum. Your support will enable us to outfit our media lab with headphones, a projector, and coding materials.

Need: $2,800

Tuition Assistance Fund

Opening Greenspring’s doors to more students

Greenspring currently awards financial assistance to 33% of our students and our wish is to expand this support to reach more families. This Fund will compliment aid able to be offered by the school and allow a child to attend Greenspring who otherwise would not be able to do so.

Need: $10,000

The Greatest Need Fund

Help Greenspring in the area where it is needed most

If you want to give to Greenspring and trust that the school will put your gift to good use, donate to the Greatest Need Fund. We will determine where your gift will be best utilized.

Each and every one of your gifts make our growth possible. From the Greenspring Montessori School community, we thank you.