Greenspring Montessori School is full of talented, dedicated, and creative staff who embody the spirit and philosophies of the Montessori method. Get to know everyone here!

Toddler Faculty

Allie Alexander
Allie AlexanderToddler Guide and Greenspring Parent
Brittany Tracey
Brittany TraceyToddler Assistant
Beth Callahan
Beth CallahanToddler Guide and Greenspring Alumni Parent
Michelle Sclawy
Michelle SclawyToddler Assistant
Doreen McLaughlin
Doreen McLaughlinToddler Assistant
Danuta Wilson
Danuta WilsonToddler Guide
Trisha Pandohie
Trisha PandohieToddler Assistant
Michelle Donohue
Michelle DonohueToddler Guide
Tracey Norman
Tracey NormanToddler Assistant
Ann Tracey
Ann TraceyToddler Assistant
Kim McCaslin
Kim McCaslinToddler Intern and Greenspring Parent
Sandra Decombel
Sandra DecombelToddler Assistant and Greenspring Parent
Cortney Clulow
Cortney ClulowClassroom Assistant and Greenspring Parent
Allison Kevan
Allison KevanToddler Guide

Children’s House Faculty

Shannon Brown
Shannon BrownChildren's House Guide
Joanne Terrell
Joanne TerrellChildren's House Assistant
Emily Shattuck
Emily ShattuckSpanish Dual-Language Children's House Guide and Greenspring Parent
Lydia Farmer
Lydia FarmerChildren's House Guide
Robin Bainbridge
Robin BainbridgeChildren's House Assistant
Marketa Traband
Marketa TrabandChildren's House Guide
Tammy Ondrusek
Tammy OndrusekChildren's House Assistant
Terriann Lane
Terriann LaneChildren's House Guide
Christine Klapka
Christine KlapkaChildren's House Assistant
Malak Charrat
Malak CharratChildren's House Assistant
Jamie Bartels
Jamie BartelsSpanish Dual-Language Children's House Guide and Greenspring Parent
Monique Crabb
Monique CrabbSpanish Dual-Language Children's House Assistant

Elementary Faculty

Sarah Prunier Law
Sarah Prunier LawSpanish Dual-Language Lower Elementary Guide and Greenspring Parent
Martha Chaux
Martha ChauxDual Language Lower Elementary Assistant
JR Devallon
JR DevallonLower Elementary Guide
Meghan Sexton
Meghan SextonLower Elementary Assistant
Cheri Gardner
Cheri GardnerUpper Elementary Guide
Charlotte Gaylin
Charlotte GaylinLower Elementary Assistant and Greenspring Parent

Middle School Faculty

Christina Heffner
Christina HeffnerAdolescent Community Director and Greenspring Parent
Elliot Dickson
Elliot DicksonAdolescent Guide and Greenspring Parent
Jim Thomans
Jim ThomansAdolescent Humanities Guide and Greenspring Parent

Enrichment Faculty

Jen Chaffee
Jen ChaffeePhysical Education Guide
Michelle Feeney
Michelle FeeneyArt Enrichment Guide
Jackie Dorr
Jackie DorrMusic Enrichment Guide
Sherry White
Sherry WhiteLibrarian and Greenspring Parent
Erin Pressman
Erin PressmanLower Elementary Spanish Dual-Language Guide
Marcela Daley
Marcela DaleySpanish Enrichment Guide and Greenspring Parent
Bonnie Allen
Bonnie AllenLearning Specialist and Greenspring Alumni Parent

Floating Assistants & Extended Hours Care

Phil Adams
Phil AdamsFloating Assistant
Delores Jones
Delores JonesFloating Assistant
Cortney Clulow
Cortney ClulowFloating Assistant and Greenspring Parent
Leigh Kohnle
Leigh KohnleAfter-School Assistant
Sharon Pulia
Sharon PuliaFloating Assistant
Samantha Gould
Samantha GouldFloating Assistant
Beven Barnhart
Beven BarnhartFloating Assistant
Shweta Santosh
Shweta SantoshFloating Assistant


Tamara Sheesley Balis
Tamara Sheesley BalisHead of School and Greenspring Parent
Shari Wolf
Shari WolfAssistant Head of School and Greenspring Alumni Parent
Betsy Wimbrow
Betsy WimbrowDirector of Education and Greenspring Alumni Parent
Shanie Nelson
Shanie NelsonDirector of Advancement and Greenspring Parent
Lee Lanou
Lee LanouDirector of Training
Kimberly Zerfas
Kimberly ZerfasDirector of Communications
Mason Krug
Mason KrugDirector of Facilities
Narkai Kamara-Tate
Narkai Kamara-TateFinance Director

Support Staff

Margaret Jarrell
Margaret JarrellAdministrative Support
Krista DeWitt
Krista DeWittBusiness Office Assistant
Melissa Haigley
Melissa HaigleyOffice Manager
Nick Aasen
Nick AasenFacilities Assistant
Patty Simon
Patty SimonEvents Manager
Susan Cohen
Susan CohenSchool Nurse
Rodney Reid
Rodney ReidSecurity Monitor

A note on titles and terminology

In Montessori classrooms, we try to use the most accurate terminology possible.  Because of this, your Montessori 3-year-old may come home one day to talk to you about shapes using words like “ovoid” and “dodecahedron.”

Just as we try to start with the right words in lessons, we use a word appropriate to how our faculty function in their titles.  Montessori faculty are rigorously trained to guide their students through new lessons and concepts, and observe  those students and help when necessary – and refrain from interfering when a student is benefiting from figuring out how to do something independently.  Montessori faculty may occasionally give group lessons, but that is the closest they ever come to lecturing, as the folks we call teachers typically do.  That is why we call our Montessori faculty guides.

You can learn more about Montessori terms through our Montessori Glossary.