A Greenspring Montessori student develops confidence and innovation, rising as a responsible, compassionate and empowered leader, learner and advocate.

Who do you want your child to “be” when she or he grows up?

Many of you will answer “independent and resourceful ” or perhaps “compassionate and altruistic.”  Perhaps your answer is “driven” or “purposeful.”  Or maybe even “community-minded, involved and curious.” Maybe your answer is simple: “I want my child to be happy.”

We ask parents to consider this question and then consider the design of authentic Montessori practice as an educational model that prepares our children for success in the real world.

How is Montessori education different from a traditional model?

What we don’t do is prepare our students to sit in a desk all day.  We don’t ask our students to do the same work that everyone else in their class is doing.  We don’t make them stop doing something they’re making headway in because the hour is up.  We don’t withdraw from them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes by offering only moderate challenges and intervening the second they get frustrated.

We don’t do these things because this isn’t what children will face in the “real world” – and because making them do these things diminishes their ability to be resourceful, take initiative, innovate, adapt, and be exhilarated by overcoming challenges.

A Greenspring Montessori education prepares students for the real world.

Success in the real world, more and more, comes from the ability to think creatively and innovatively.  To take initiative.  To work cooperatively with others – as well as by oneself. To both define and solve the problem.  To persevere in the face of difficulty, and to keep thinking even when the first (and second, and third!) attempts are failures.

This is what our educational model does.  This is preparation for the real world.  With a strong foundation in methods supported by scientific research, Montessori education has a clear and striking record of success in preparing students for real life challenges and successes.

Please, use this site as a resource to learn more about the Montessori method – its scientific basis, its stunning record of success – and Greenspring Montessori School’s history of close-knit community, service, and excellence.

We hope to share our school community with you and your family.  You are welcome to spend time observing our classrooms, touring our campus, and experiencing a bit of life at Greenspring Montessori School.  We hope a visit will captivate and inspire your curiosity, and we welcome your questions and thoughts.

We appreciate the opportunity to learn about your family and your child, and to assist you with the choices you are making.


Tamara Sheesley Balis
Head of School