Mar 10th 2017

Upper Elementary Trip to Model United Nations Conference

By |March 10, 2017|Academic Programs, Upper Elementary|

This week, a group of our Upper Elementary students traveled to New York City for the Montessori Model United Nations conference where they are representing the countries of Germany and Namibia. Throughout the school year, our students have been meeting and preparing for this conference. They practiced for resolution meetings on each of the topics by identifying regional and political allies that we will use to obtain consensus on resolution ideas and positions. Last week, they completed one last check and organized all of the resources and binders for this week's meetings. On Wednesday, students arrived in New York with [...]

Mar 9th 2017

February Construction Update

By |March 9, 2017|Capital Project|

It has been a very busy month of construction at Greenspring Montessori School! We are finally beginning to see the signs that our extensive project is underway. It is a great feeling for all those involved in planning and preparation for this project over the past two years. We have worked very hard to get to this point and this is a major accomplishment to celebrate! To recap, our construction team created a temporary access road across the back of the soccer field, installed safety fencing around the Multipurpose building, and began the excavation of the stone water management area [...]

Mar 9th 2017

Adolescents Presentations on World Religions

By |March 9, 2017|Academic Programs, Adolescent Community|

Today, our adolescent Community had their second Igniting Voice presentations of the year. These presentations provide students the opportunity to share much of what they have learned over the trimester in creative ways with the school community. The morning started with a mocktail party, where students embodied a religious figure and conversed with parents, staff, and fellow religious figures. Guests were encouraged to ask questions of their life and work to try to identify all nine figures. Gandhi, Mother Superior, Ganesha, and Pope Francis were a few in attendance. Afterwards, students presented individually, sharing excerpts from their own short story [...]

Mar 9th 2017

Digital Devices at Bedtime

By |March 9, 2017|Adolescent Community, Health & Safety, Lower Elementary, News, Upper Elementary|

Several recent studies find that children and teens' use of mobile digital devices at bedtime is a "major public health concern." Devices such as smartphones present a new challenge to healthy sleep because of the way they facilitate real-time, continuous psychological and physiological arousal and stimulation. Children who use portable media devices at bedtime are about twice as likely to not sleep enough and more than 40 percent more likely to report poor sleep quality, compared to children who do not have access to a device. In addition, the light-emitting diodes, or LEDS, which contain a large proportion of blue [...]

Mar 8th 2017

“Going Out” in the Elementary and Adolescent Communities

By |March 8, 2017|Adolescent Community, Lower Elementary, News, Upper Elementary|

Written by Margaret Jarrell, former GMS Elementary Guide “Instruction becomes a living thing. Instead of being illustrated, it is brought to life. In a word, the outing is a new key for the intensification of instruction ordinarily given in the school.” - Dr. Maria Montessori The Montessori practice of “going out” begins during the Elementary years. Elementary-age students are naturally curious and have a strong internal drive to discover how our world works. In Montessori classrooms, students are empowered to find the answers to their own questions with the materials and resources in a prepared environment. This frees them from being dependent [...]

Mar 3rd 2017

Toddlerhood: A Sensitive Period for Language

By |March 3, 2017|News, Toddler|

Written by Beth Callahan, Toddler Guide “Only the child under three can construct the mechanism of language, and he can speak any number of languages, if they are in his environment at birth....No child becomes tired of learning to speak!” - Dr. Maria Montessori, Education for a New World Language development in young children is one of the key milestones on their path to maturity. Language is what allows us to not only communicate one’s own feelings, desires and needs, but also to understand those same concepts in others. Language, both written and spoken, is how cultures pass down traditions and history. Language [...]

Mar 3rd 2017

The Child’s Absorbent Mind

By |March 3, 2017|Children's House, News|

Written by Shannon Brown, Children's House Guide “Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development. How marvelous it would be if by our help, if by an intelligent treatment of the child, if by understanding the needs of his physical life and by feeding his intellect, we could prolong the period of functioning of the absorbent mind!” - Dr. Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind From birth to age six, the child is endowed with a highly impressionable and absorbent mind.  The very young child does not decide what to focus his attention [...]

Feb 24th 2017

Spanish Fiesta and More Fun!

By |February 24, 2017|Spanish|

As technology reduces the distance between people and cultures, being fluent in more than one language can be quite useful for children as they become true citizens of the world. At Greenspring Montessori School, we are witnessing every day how easily and avidly the children are expanding their vocabulary and progressing with small conversations in Spanish. The students have learned songs and chants that they want to sing over and over, sometimes asking to do it by themselves.   Toddlers and Children’s House Spanish Your child may be singing and dancing a song about rabbits.  We have been singing it to [...]

Feb 23rd 2017

Loyola’s 2017 Literacy Educator of the Year – Patricia Escarfuller!

By |February 23, 2017|Faculty, Lower Elementary, News, Spanish Immersion & Dual Language|

Each year, the literacy program in Loyola University Maryland's School of Education recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding educators. Our own Patricia Escarfuller, Lower Elementary Spanish Dual-Language Guide, is the 2017 recipient of the Literacy Educator of the Year Award! This award honors those who promote literacy, demonstrate innovation in practice, exhibit principled leadership within their school or communities, and model lifelong learning as members of the professional literacy community. Congratulations, Patricia!

Feb 22nd 2017

Montessori in the Home for Toddlers

By |February 22, 2017|News, Toddler|

Written by Rachel Kleinman, Toddler Guide “To assist a child, we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” - Dr. Maria Montessori A question commonly asked by Montessori parents is, “How can we implement what you’re teaching in the classroom at home?” While at school, your child has been busy learning practical life skills for both taking care of herself and her environment. The toddler Montessori environment at school is specifically designed to foster independent learning and exploration for your young child. However, there are many ways you can easily create a Montessori-friendly toddler environment at [...]