Apr 26th 2017

2017 Spring Soiree is Fast Approaching!

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Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 7:00pm The 2017 Spring Soiree is approaching fast! Join us on the red carpet for live music, great food and drinks and great company! Enjoy an adult night out on the eve of Mother's Day - you deserve it! Be on the look out in next week's Thursday folders for a sneak peak of our fabulous auction items. Learn more and RSVP online. Thank you to the following companies for their generous sponsorship: Kramon and Graham Southway Builders Fitzpatrick, Leary & Szarko First National Bank Union Brewery CIROQ Conder Inc.          

Apr 20th 2017

Spring Music Enrichment

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This spring, students at Greenspring Montessori School have been busy in music enrichment! After learning Hot Cross Buns on the piano, the upper elementary class was challenged to figure out how to play the song with glasses! They found all of the correct pitches by ear, and worked together to figure out exactly how much water each glass needed. The Lower Elementary classes took out children's books from the library and were given the challenge of telling the story through music. Some students added sound effects to their story while others morphed their story into a song!

Apr 7th 2017

Grace & Courtesy for Toddlers is All About Respect

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Written by Danuta Wilson, Toddler Guide “The first assistance we can give to the child is to serve as a model for self-control and order within our own lives.” - Dr. Maria Montessori You may have heard the term "Grace and Courtesy" in reference to Montessori classrooms. This is, in fact, something we work on every day in our classrooms, and remains a focus at every level of Montessori education. There are four principals that the Grace and Courtesy curriculum encompasses: treating the child with respect, teaching the child to respect herself, teaching the child to treat others with respect, and teaching [...]

Apr 6th 2017

March Construction Update

By |April 6, 2017|Capital Project|

It has been a couple of months since we have started construction at Greenspring Montessori School. While much of the work still remains behind the scenes (interior demolition of the Multipurpose Building, relocation of wiring, new water pipes for the Student Activity Center, finishing up the storm water management pond), there are still many very real signs of construction on campus! Classes have ventured to get a closer look at the jack hammer breaking up the underlying rock behind the Student Activity Center (and there is a lot of rock to break!). Toddlers have been learning the names of construction [...]

Apr 6th 2017

The Magic of Montessori Mathematics

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Written by Margaret Jarrell, former Greenspring Elementary Guide “Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core.” - Dr. Maria Montessori You already know that Montessori math materials are ingenious. You know that the materials progress gradually from the concrete to the abstract, such that a four year old is assembling the trinomial cube as a sensorial puzzle, while the Adolescent is using it calculate the cube of a trinomial quantity.      You appreciate that mathematics instruction in Montessori [...]

Apr 6th 2017

Ninth Grade Humanities Guide Position

By |April 6, 2017|Employment|

Ninth Grade Humanities Guide for Montessori Adolescent Community (Part-Time) Greenspring Montessori School is seeking a part-time ninth-grade Humanities Guide to serve as a member of the Adolescent Community teaching team. Following the Montessori philosophy and tenants, adults and students in the Adolescent Community function in a community of learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. This is the first year that Greenspring Montessori will include ninth grade in its Adolescent Community; the ninth-grade Humanities Guide will help develop a ninth grade history curriculum. The Ideal Candidate Will: Have a love of adolescents! In all their messy glory, the [...]

Apr 6th 2017

Modeling Grace and Courtesy

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Written by Terriann Lane, Children's House Guide “A child is an eager observer and is particularly attracted by the actions of the adults and wants to imitate them. In this regard, an adult can have a kind of mission. He can be an inspiration for the child's actions, a kind of open book, wherein a child can learn how to direct his own movements.” - Dr. Maria Montessori Recently, I read an article titled, "Grace and Courtesy Beyond Please and Thank You."  The author shared an experience during a hotel stay that left her awestruck.  An incident occurred that involved teenagers [...]

Apr 5th 2017

First Annual Baltimore Montessori Conference a Huge Success!

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Just some of the presenters at the first annual Baltimore Montessori Conference. On Saturday, April 1, 2017, Greenspring Montessori School opened it's campus to the greater Montessori community for our first annual Baltimore Montessori Conference. The conference was created by the Maryland Center for Montessori Studies - the Montessori training center at Greenspring Montessori School. Our mission is inspiring and cultivating strong Montessori advocates and leaders as champions for the human spirit. To learn more about our Early Childhood Teacher Credential, please click here. To all of our Participants, Presenters, and Volunteers who helped make the inaugural Baltimore [...]

Apr 5th 2017

Recycled Sculptures and Printmaking!

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Since returning from spring break, we have been working on sculptures made from recycled materials and printmaking. Both are a ton of fun! For some students, recycled sculpture is more about the process of building and creating. They are less interested in the final result. Other students are very concerned with how the final piece looks and can't wait to bring it home. This project is a great opportunity to stretch the imagination by seeing potential for transformation in every day expendable objects. We just started our printmaking unit and the students are coming up with some colorful creations! This [...]

Apr 3rd 2017

Technology Education at Greenspring Montessori

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Technology Education at Greenspring Montessori This year, we started a Digital Media Lab focused on strengthening our students’ understanding of computers and technology, starting in their third year of elementary. Students meet weekly in small groups at the Media Lab, located in one of the historic silos on our campus. They began working on typing skills, basic computer hardware knowledge, and personal projects using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Scratch, and other programs. Students are excited to explore these programs further with their personal projects. From a powerpoint on coral reefs to a school newspaper publication, our children are coming up [...]