Before- and After-School Care

Morning Discovery (Before School Care)

The Montessori School provides Early Morning Care from 7:15am until the beginning of the children’s classroom day.

The children play board games, work with crafts, or read during this low-key early morning time. At the end of the early morning period, a trained staff member escorts the young children to their respective classrooms while the older, more independent students go to their respective classrooms on their own.

Afternoon Discovery

The Afternoon Discovery Program begins at the end of the regular school day and runs until 5:45pm.

There are two components to Afternoon Discovery: the first, which lasts until about 4:45pm, consists of special projects such as baking and art, structured programs, clubs, sports activities, and outside playtime while the second, from 4:45 to 5:45pm, is more low-key with opportunities for reading, relaxing, or physical activity.

Greenspring Montessori School provides a nutritious snack to each child shortly after they arrive in the Afternoon Discovery.