Great Foundation. Great Future

The Campaign for Greenspring Montessori School

At Greenspring Montessori School, we cherish our beautiful seven-acre campus and its historic buildings. Previously known as Emerson Dairy Farm, our five buildings are now home to 14 classrooms and more than 250 students. The Campaign for Greenspring Montessori School will allow us to engage in an exciting new project to expand and renovate our historic campus –
it will be our gift to our children, our future, and our world.

The Latest News

Hear the latest update on our Capital Project.

May and June Building Project Update

May and June Building Project Update

The last months of school were as busy for our construction crews as they were for our students! We went from unfinished walls to our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony over just six short weeks. After the plumbing was finished and the drywall was put up, walls were...

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April Building Project Update

April Building Project Update

Inside the Main Building, it is amazing to see the classrooms and office spaces begin to take shape! What was once a beautiful stone dairy farm has evolved and transformed into Toddler and Children’s House classrooms with amenities that are just the right size for our...

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February and March Building Project Update

February and March Building Project Update

Our construction crews were able to make much progress with the Main Building over the past two months. In December, we found out there was a massive fire in the 1930s that left smoke and fire damage to much of the roof, so workers have been tearing out damaged wood,...

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What’s the plan?

Successful physical expansion and the deepening of Greenspring Montessori School’s child-centered mission requires the school to address several essential needs, the most critical being the compelling obligation to update and improve upon beloved but aging facilities so as to be safe, healthy, eco-friendly, cost effective, and wholly responsive in size, scale, order, and flow to the needs of Greenspring’s children, teachers, staff, and parents.

Phase I:

Toddler and Children’s House Village East

The expansion, renovation, and reconstruction of the Multipurpose building.

Started: January 2017

Completed: November 2017

See how far we’ve come!

Phase I is complete and we are excited to share some “behind the scenes” shots.

Phase II:

Toddler and Children’s House Village West

Restoration and redevelopment of the Main Building.

Started: November 2018

Completed: June 2018

See our Progress!

Phase II is well underway and we are excited to show what’s happened so far.

Phase III:

Elementary Village

Construction of a new building between the existing Little Barn and Friedberg buildings

Expected start: As soon as the necessary funds are raised

How will my child benefit?

The result of this collaborative effort will be a rippling of tangible and lasting benefits—social, developmental, academic, physical, and financial—that touch every member of the Greenspring Montessori community.

Inspiring Workspaces

A well-designed, well-constructed, and well-preserved environment is critical to providing real life settings for our children to develop confidence and innovation; rising as responsible, compassionate, and empowered leaders, learners, and advocates. Each classroom will be prepared specifically for the age group it is intended to serve – everything from counter and sink height, to square footage, to furniture, designed for each child.

Direct Access to Outdoor Learning

The entire learning environment – from the classroom materials to the social setting, to the landscape and architecture – must be supportive of the Montessori child’s personality, health, and well-being for self-directed learning to transpire. Our redesigned outdoor learning environments and play areas will serve the children’s need to engage the world through all of their senses.

Peer-Oriented Villages

Our newly constructed, renovated, and restored buildings will be created with students at the heart. Three villages, each speaking to the specific needs of the respective age group, will promote connection, leadership, community support, and activism. In the Elementary Village, communal art, music, cooking, and project spaces will allow the children to expand and deepen their studies, skills, and passions.

What will it cost?

This project is a $7.5 million investment in our children and the future children of Greenspring Montessori School.
The school will contribute$1 million to the project.
The school received a $175,000 matching grant from the state of Maryland for its Training Center – the Maryland Center for Montessori Studies.
The school will be drawing on a $4.0 million Baltimore County Revenue Bond as needed.

Funds Raised by our Community

The Campaign for Greenspring Montessori School has raised $1.2 million thus far. The remaining funds will be raised through generous gifts from our community as part of our ongoing campaign.