The mission of our Library and Media Lab is to enable students to take ownership of their learning experience by empowering them to explore the world through the independent pursuit of information from a variety of media and resources. It is our hope that these tools will help them to take initiative, creatively and intellectually, both individually and within our learning community.

To be prepared for the future, students must learn to think analytically and innovatively and need to know how to solve problems, manage and retrieve information, and communicate effectively. By mastering information problem-solving skills, our students ready themselves for an information-based society and a technological workplace.

The role of our Library is to assist faculty and students in the realization of these goals. The Library houses a sizable collection of books, periodicals, and computers that complement the academic programs of the school. A full-time media specialist is available to assist both faculty and students with any research endeavor.

Greenspring Montessori is committed to the seamless integration of resources throughout the curriculum, ensuring that students learn information literacy skills that will serve them well in their current academic setting and in the future.

The library is open and available to our school community before school begins every day, throughout the school day, and after school until 4:00pmĀ on most days.

We welcome and encourage parents to visit our library in an effort to promote a life long love of reading through the enjoyment of literature.