Spanish Language

The mission of the Greenspring Montessori’s Language Program, which focuses on teaching Spanish as a Second Language, is to provide exposure and opportunity for students to build Spanish comprehension and communication. Each student is encouraged to nurture a love for the language and culture that will motivate them to continue learning and exploring Spanish for years to come.

Why language instruction is important to our school

The study of another language leads to improved communication skills, cultural understandings, enhanced critical thinking skills, and interdisciplinary perspectives. Maria Montessori’s term “sowing the seeds of interest” could well be used to describe the overall goal of the second language program (especially in the earlier years). This means creating enjoyment, awareness, and an eagerness to learn more. It also means that different children will achieve different levels of communicative competence, given individual needs, personality and learning process.

We expect that early exposure to other languages will create a facility for understanding and speaking and greater ease in later language study. It also creates an early consciousness of cultures – an awareness of the richness of our many ways of being human.

In a Montessori setting, a second language may be viewed as one more learning experience within the prepared environment – offered, not imposed, in ways that will attract children’s natural interest and engage their response.


Concepts and vocabulary are presented and reiterated throughout each class so that students can develop conversational Spanish skills. Interactive activities and games give each student opportunities to express themselves in Spanish. By making Spanish fun, we help students become comfortable using their learned language skills and able to respond with full sentences. Through the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, students are able to broaden their awareness, familiarity, and comfort with the target language. It is amazing how fast and easily children can learn Spanish!

This Program is designed for all children including English language learners, students with learning differences, and advanced learners.

Each Spanish class (depending on level) covers a range of topics including grammar, vocabulary, conversational skills, pronunciation, reading, and writing. The curriculum integrates key elements by themes, such as numbers, colors, animals, school, and home, using these themes to introduce new concepts and vocabulary, actions and verb phrases. These topics are reviewed in each class through games, songs, and activities to reinforce language connections. Once the basics are learned, it is possible to move on to more complex ideas.


The goal of the Spanish as a Second Language Program is to be integrated into the Montessori curriculum at every level, from children 18 months old to grade 8. Children receive Spanish lessons in their own classroom environments and around campus based on the lessons.

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