Our Athletics and Physical Education Program’s mission is to enable each student to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. In other words, we hope that what they learn through this program will help to keep each child active throughout their lives.

Our Physical Education Program serves students from our Children’s House through Adolescent Programs. In Physical Education classes, each student takes part in a variety of games and sports that help develop coordination, a capacity for teamwork, and a sense of joy in movement. Our goal here is to emphasize active fun within a skill-building framework. Classes are tailored to the specific physical and developmental needs of each age group. Older children work on skills like kicking, volleying and racket-striking, while younger children focus on methods of traveling, jumping, balance, and so on. These programs provide students with varied, life-long fitness options, enjoyment, and an understanding of sportsmanship and teamwork.

We also offer a variety of After-School Athletic Programs, including interscholastic Soccer, Cross Country, and Basketball Programs. Examples of other offerings include non-competitive soccer tutorials, yoga, and dance.